Découvrez les valeurs de la torréfaction dagobert

Our company’s choices:

• A human-sized SME for working, exchanging and developing projects together.

• A supplier partnership engaged in organic and fair-trade farming with the aim of offering quality and with respect for both mankind and our planet.

• Promoting an increasingly wide range of products for transmitting different tastes and cultures to the largest possible number of people.

• A technological advance in research on ecological packaging.

Our commitments in the solidarity economy

The most important thing for Torréfaction Dagobert is to know its producers and to establish a long-term relationship of trust with them.
To always be capable of offering constant quality, with prices set at “fair” standards and quantities based on given purchasing previsions, everything is defined contractually between the producers, the certification bodies and Torréfaction Dagobert.
We accept fair pricing set by producers for their future harvest with a variation
of plus or minus 10% depending on world coffee prices.
We prefer working with businesses where human relations play an important role, where we have regular, identified contacts,
and where they are not subject to any financial pressures.
We pay very close attention to our partners’ CSR environment.
As such, Torréfaction Dagobert selects producers on the basis of the efforts they make on
environmental, social and human levels.
We are always on the look-out for new producers (for creating networks) in different countries to give consumers an
opportunity of tasting different coffees from different cultures.

Sustainable development

We are particularly vigilant as to the origins of our raw material, the coffee, and packaging it in containers that are coherent with our ecological commitment and made with biodegradable materials. Also, the film that is in contact with the coffee is made from cellulose, the most abundant organic substance on the planet and produced naturally by plants.
As a result, all our sachets are fully compostable.
Our purchases are based on mutual respect and transparency in our commercial negotiations by promoting perfect equity. We have set up partnerships with our suppliers on a wide range of aspects.
We pay close attention to consolidating our production circuit and respecting everyone's financial autonomy at the same time, by providing forward-planning for our purchases and in this way helping everyone to adapt their capacities correspondingly.
We have incorporated environmental issues in our waste processing system (selective sorting) and in energy savings by optimizing road transport.
The structure of the building is in wood and it is fitted with 100m² of solar panels on the roof. A Canadian well has been installed together with a rainwater recovery well for supplying the sanitary facilities. 
The walls have been insulated with coffee chaff. 
The company has been recompensed by all its efforts, by being awarded the “Entreprise Verte” or “Green Company” label by the Chamber of Trade.


Bulk transport is one of the best ways of reducing our consumption of packaging, and, as a result, our carbon footprint.

This is why we offer our whole range (except for Dosettes and Chicory) in 5 to 25 kg packs.

Delivery of the first order is in air-tight buckets and then in bags.
Orders are mutualized and our coffee is roasted as and when required.

We have very little finished product stock. Each variety of green coffee can be transformed depending on your requirements and your tastes.

A coffee grinder is offered free-of-charge for orders of over 300kg per year together with empty sachets and the glue needed for closing them. Carriage paid for orders above €300 tax excluded.


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