A Mexican organic and fair-trade coffee from the Agroindustrias Unidas de México (AMSA) cooperative. The coffee is roasted, ground, and then brewed at a certain temperature. For obtaining the coffee extract, the brew runs through a pipe in which dry air is injected for transforming the liquid into a solid paste containing ice and coffee. Then, in the cold room, the paste extract is ground into small grains, whose size stays the same through to the finished product. When it is in the form of grains, the product is loaded onto trays which are inserted individually into the freeze-drying tunnel where all the water content is captured.


Chicory is a "cleansing" plant that purifies the system and the blood. It helps digestion and stimulates appetite. It also has a beneficial action on fever and nervousness. It makes up for iron deficiencies and contains phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. In other words, the plant’s virtues help to improve the body’s general health. Soluble roasted chicory is consumed as a pure hot drink, mixed with coffee, as an infusion, as a hot or cold drink, with water or milk, pure or mixed with coffee. It can be added to a large number of desserts for giving extra flavor to your dishes.


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